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Useful Guide To Passport Application

For travellers who wish to enter the United States from any country in the world they the 2007 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative demands that you have a valid passport.

It can be quite challenging to get a passport especially if you are doing so for the first time. This is because you will be involved in various activities that you have not done before like filling forms and submission of documents.Having said that, it is important to always remember that the process of getting a passport is not supposed to give you unnecessary pressure or confusion. You can use the following tips wisely and get the passport a lot easier than you thought.

The first step in planning to get your passport is to pick the correct form to fill. You have to carefully pick the correct form from the three similar forms available which serves distinct purposes. The different forms include one for passport renewal, then another one for passport replacement and finally one for new applications for the passport. If you want to get a new passport then you are required to fill Form DS-11. To get the form you just need to visit the US Department of State’s website and download it unlike in the past where you were required to travel all the way to the passport office near you. The form in the website can be filled with all the needed details before being printed or it can be downloaded then filled later using a pen. After obtaining a filled form you need to attach the required documents before you can submit it for processing either through expedition or the routine processing. Routine processing is generally suited for you if you do not plan to use your passport for travelling within ten weeks from the time of application. This is because routine processing of passport takes around four to six weeks to be completed. If you want to use your passport in a month’s time you might want to apply for your passport through the expedition.

If you want the process of passport application to be faster, you will have to spend more. That is why you will spend more if you opt for passport expedition and less if you use a routine passport application.

Avoiding last minute rush is a valuable tip due to the convenience that comes with the ability to apply for and get the passport to use on time. If you have children it is also recommended that you apply passports for them even when you do not intend to travel with them any time soon.

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