Picking Out Shirts for Your Kid

Shopping for kids can be difficult especially when it comes to clothing. Many kids will either say whatever you bought them is fine and never actually wear it, or simply refuse to ever put it on. A good way to find shirts more specifically that they would wear is to find ones that fit their personality or interests. Look into all of these different types of t-shirts to get a good idea on what to get.

Physical Activities

Many kids like sports whether it be participating in them or simply watching them on TV. You can get your kid a sports shirt by knowing what teams they like and getting a shirt to correspond. If you want to get a present, think about choosing a jersey that has their favorite player name and number on the back of it. Additionally, you can find other sports clothing like any type of jiu jitsu shirts that aren’t necessarily team activities. By supporting your kid’s interests in physical activities, they are much more likely to end up wearing the shirts you buy them.

Video Games

Video games are more popular than at any time in history. Chances are your kid has been playing some sort of game whether it be on a gaming console, phone, computer, or another type of device. Look into what game your kid is playing and see if you can find any merchandise either in a local store or online to buy. Giving your kid a t-shirt based on whatever game they are playing will surprise them and make them happy that you care enough to give them something based on their interests. Make sure after you give them their first video game t-shirt to keep following up by checking what new games they are playing and purchasing shirts based on those.


Whether your kid is just listening to the radio or finding music out for themselves online, chances are your kid has at least found 1 artist they like. Most if not all music artists end up selling merchandise as it can be a major source of income so a good idea is to check online to see if they a store you can purchase from. If you are willing to go more the distance, sometimes these artists provide special merchandise if you end up going to a concert in person so think about taking your kid to a concert as they will appreciate it more and put sentiment to the clothing that they got it at the same time they saw the artist. Keep up with your kid’s musical tastes and how they are totally fine for having these interests by buying merchandise.


Make sure to not only keep these interests in mine but look at your whole child’s lifestyle in general. Additionally, if your kid finds something, they want but it’s too expensive, be honest with them why they can’t pick it out and tell them a budget they can have in mind. Putting all of this forward with your kid will be helpful for you and creates a good relationship.